Screencast: Basic Image Editing In WordPress 2.9

I fired up my local server today and installed the latest version of WordPress 2.9 and was surprised to see the basic image editing tools already available in the media library. I decided that the best way to display them in action was through video which also gave me another reason to open up CamtasiaStudio. In the video, I show off each individual tool as well as provide feedback on the crop tool as at this stage, does not appear to be user friendly. But, it’s very early in the development stage so it will most likely be better once it hits the public’s hands. Check out the video.


18 responses to “Screencast: Basic Image Editing In WordPress 2.9”

  1. I still think this is plugin territory. I hope it was implemented in such a way that a plugin could replace this with more advanced functionality and capabilities.

  2. @Carl Hancock – Well, the saying goes, when people want something in core, they get the basic flavor of it with things built around it for a plugin to add on top of what is already their. So, most likely will happen.

  3. The main advantage I see of this is leveraging the delivered functionality to automatically resize your entire library at once. One limitation of the media library now is that you’re stuck with your image sizes as they were uploaded, and there’s no easy way to redo sizes without alot of backend, manual work.

  4. Great video Jeff. Nice to see image editing features being built into the WP core. I don’t think I would ever need to use it due to me editing everything in PhotoShop before uploading, have more control using PS for editing things on the desktop.

  5. I think it is quite interesting to have those basic editing tools in wordpress core. More people are posting with pictures, especially when like me you’re running a design inspiration gallery, meaning that the picture is much more important than the post itself! Thanks for the screencast, it was really cool to see it “in live”.

  6. @Carl Hancock.

    Actually its a basic implementation of Scissors plugin which gets deprecated at 2.9. Its probably possible to pick up where Stephan Reiter quits, and put more functionality into the solution, with an enhancement plugin.

  7. It’s a nice start, but really, who in their right mind uploads an image that is oriented wrong and needs to “flip” it?
    If they tweak up the cropping tool, great. It should display the pixel sizes as you drag, but maybe that just didn’t show up in the screencast. The undo tool is essential and seems to work great.

    I’m waiting for the dev team to move to a media library that is not tied to each post. (WP 3.x?).

    For now, I’ll stick with editing my photos (Irfanview) before I upload them.

    Thanks for the screencast Jeff.


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