Saying Goodbye To Drupal And Hello To WordPress

nodrupal Bradley Gillap sent me a note not too long ago that he was going to publish a lengthy blog post which explained why he moved from the Drupal community to WordPress. I checked out today as that is the site he maintains and he has his story published. Here is a sampling.

I found WordPress to be more like the homely girl from high school. She was stable, got along with my friends, was less likely to leave me in the dust, and not afraid to let me drone on for hours without interruption. Where as Drupal is the cheerleader in the red dress. She moves fast, takes no prisoners and clouds my judgement.

With regards to some of the cons for WordPress listed by Bradley, I think the issue with narrowing the search for plugins has largely been addressed by the search actually working. Type in the exact name of a plugin and it shows up as the first result which was not the case before hand. Also, he mentions WordPress feels bloated after 15 or 20 plug-ins. Well, that’s not the fault of WordPress is it?

All in all, it was a good read and I’d like to see more stories like Bradley’s come out of the wood work. In fact, I’d like to read some stories about people switching from WordPress to another platform to see what they listed as their cons. I bet that would be twice as interesting. If you know of any, link me to them in the comments.

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