If CMS’s Were Operating Systems

As per Bradley Potter on Twitter.

If Content Management Systems were operating systems then WordPress would be Mac OS X, Joomla would be Windows and Drupal would be Linux. @bradleypotter


8 responses to “If CMS’s Were Operating Systems”

  1. Aside from the fact that he recycled that idea from a month ago, it’s not even remotely accurate. For one thing, OS X is BSD Linux. Linux also describes many different operating systems.

  2. @Michael Torbert – Boy how time flies. I completely forgot about that story where the guy compared Content Management systems to operating systems. Surely, there has to be some sort of comparison in their somewhere lol.

  3. Saying that one of them is Linux is too vague. Also, there’s nothing to qualify the statements.

    If I were to make a comparison, I would say that WordPress is CentOS/RHEL, because it is stable, secure, highly scalable, and can be used for most anything. Drupal would be Ubuntu; it looks pretty and has a lot of built in features (read: bulky), but I wouldn’t plan on using it for any legitimate purpose without a lot of work.

  4. Well it’s an analogy, so of course he didn’t mean that it’s exactly like OS X in every way. I suppose he may have meant that WordPress is easy to use or powerful. However, since he didn’t qualify anything that he said, we don’t know exactly what he meant.

  5. Brad and I were talking about his quote last night and this is what he had to say:

    The point is that the Mac OS X is a very elegant and refined OS and the UI of WP reminds me of it. Linux is an OS that is like by many “techie” types just like Drupal is liked by similar people. To me Windows as always been clunky and kludgy with too many hoops to jump through just to get something done. Joomla reminds me of that.

    So I know that is not what you can get out of the quote I published, but I think sometimes, people look too deeply and technical into things.

  6. Linux is an OS that is liked by many ‘techie’ types.

    This statement is still faulty. Linux is a generic term for operating systems built on the Linux kernel. They are all very different and can’t be generalized in that way. For instance, the ‘type’ of people that use Fedora would never use Lindows. There is no Linux ‘type’. Many ton technical people use desktop-oriented Debian distributions like Lindows or Ubuntu, but would never venture into enterprise grade distributions like RHEL or CentOS.

  7. I don’t think my statement is “faulty” at all and to debate what “Linux” means misses the point. While Linux may be a generic term and there may be various “flavors” thereof, the comparison holds true. Linux variants as a whole are generally used by more advanced (technical type) users and so is Drupal.

    Joomla and WordPress are more mainstream as are Windows and Mac OS X. Granted, the vast difference in market share between Windows and Mac OS X does not hold true between Joomla and WordPress.

    In the end, I was simply making an observation (apparently made in part by others) not based on small nuances in one specific OS but more on the overall end user experience of three leading Content Management Systems.


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