Joomla Against Drupal Against WordPress

The folks over at have a great writeup on the 100 hours to build a website challenge that took place at SxSW. A team of developers from Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress got together to build a website based on a specific list of specifications and design. At the end, representatives from each team had the chance to get together to showcase what they created.

The WordPress team headed by Matt Mullenweg created a website on called WPShowdown to provide updates on the project. You can check out the CMSWire article to see an image of the scores given to each project but it looks like WordPress came in second although in the end, the results of the competition were decided to be a DRAW with no clearly defined winner.

One interesting thing to note about this competition is that Marybeth Schroeder who had no preference for any of the CMS’s used in this competition preferred Drupal as her first pick, then Joomla and then WordPress. Apparently, Marybeth had a hard time navigating through the dashboard which strikes me as odd considering all of the UI work that went into the design.

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