Ryan Sullivan Addresses Concerns With LoopConf

Matt Cromwell of WordImpress conducted an interview with Ryan Sullivan, one of the organizers of LoopConf, a conference dedicated to advanced WordPress development topics. In the interview, Sullivan answers questions regarding value, pricing, and the inspiration behind the event.

Earlier this month, controversy surrounding ticket prices surfaced on Twitter and elsewhere. However, LoopConf sold out of $600 early bird tickets in less than 24 hours. Full price tickets go on sale December 17th at a cost of $800.

Cromwell raises some interesting concerns in his post such as whether or not the event will benefit the WordPress community. Sullivan responds to those concerns in the comments.

I think LoopConf is going to be a success but I’m curious to see how fast regular price tickets sell out. If it’s a repeat of early bird ticket sales, what little controversy exists will be erased. It will also be a clear indication of the demand for these types of events.


2 responses to “Ryan Sullivan Addresses Concerns With LoopConf”

  1. I still wonder if not everyone (i.e. those left behind either because they can’t afford it or because ticket availability is limited) could be made happier if such conferences were more often organized “MOOC” style. That way an African entrepreneur could participate from a country where they can’t afford to travel but already have fairly good Internet coverage …

    • Hi Darragh, Ryan mentioned in the video interview that all the presentations will be made publically available on YouTube minutes after the presentation is over. That is one of the various features of the conference that gives me hope that it will be very productive for the broader WP Community and not just a “who’s who” event.

      I recently saw someone submit a closed caption Spanish translation of Matt Mullenweg’s “State of the Word” address on YouTube. I thought that was pretty ingenious. Once one closed caption text is created then others can be translated fairly easily. That might be a really useful project for conferences like this as well.


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