1. Andre

    A really big thank you for writing up yet another review from Rough Pixels themes–this one being the Empt theme.

    I made some notes from your post and some of the suggestions as it relates to the future of themes, block patterns, etc., will be coming to Rough Pixels soon. In fact, I was considering doing additional updates for the Empt Lite (and premium) theme with the inclusion of some block patterns–to start!

    Anyway, regarding the minor issues you mentioned, I also made a note to address them on the next theme update.

    Thanks again for another theme review/posting at WPTavern!


  2. Li-An

    I like it :-)


  3. Andre

    Just a little update to the Empt theme and what I am currently planning…Justin mentioned a few things as to the direction of themes and where things are going–at least past this year!

    Justin–you gave me a few hints to consider as it relates to the freemium model and moving away from the “selling of upgrades” model. I originally was planning to put out the free themes but upgrades would be via a plugin. However, I think even this concept is going to fade away, so I have a few ideas in mind where Rough Pixels could change direction (slightly).

    Quick Sidenote: This theme has been doing quite well since its release. Downloads are happening from WordPress, but I also get a lot directly off the RP site.


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