Richard Best Launches New Website Devoted to WordPress Legal Topics

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photo credit: c_nilsencc

Over the weekend, I stumbled across a new resource called WP and Legal Stuff run by Richard Best, a qualified lawyer in New Zealand, England, and Wales. The site focuses on legal matters related to WordPress and open source. Recent articles include:

His take on understanding the GPL licensing of WordPress is a great primer for anyone not familiar with how it works. While Best does not give legal advice through the site, he provides an interesting perspective since most of the people who participate in WordPress legal discussions are not lawyers.

WP and Legal Stuff is a unique site and one of the few to cover WordPress legal matters on a routine basis. I highly suggest you subscribe to his RSS feed so you don’t miss his next post on WordPress themes, the GPL, and the conundrum of derivative works.

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  1. This a great resource. Thanks for sharing, Jeff! If only I didn’t have to read all of the posts three times to really grok what’s being said :)

    We just ran into a real-world case of “misusing” the WordPress trademark: we learned you’re not allowed to use the word WordPress in Google AdWords… who knew!? Although, as mentioned in the trademark post, you can use the abbreviation (WP).


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