1. Richard Best

    Hi and thanks very much for the story Jeff. If anyone would like a copy of the human readable summary, the PDF can be found here: http://wpandlegalstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/A-human-readable-summary-of-the-GPL-CC-style-6-August-2015.pdf I can post the Word doc too if anyone wants it. Thanks again. Richard.


  2. Frankie Jarrett

    Nice job, Richard! Any plans for a GPLv3 version too? Or even better, a human readable diff of v2 and v3! :-)


  3. Adam

    It would seem that if this summary is accurate then the WordPress foundation would be in violation of its own license. Each new release is necessarily a derivative of the original, and subject to the terms of the original license. As such, it would seem that every file would need to include a notice that it is modified from the original and the days of all those changes, which is to say it should include its own commit history


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