1. Chip Bennett

    I use Limit Login Attempts – choosing it over other options primarily for the email notification.


  2. Jeffro

    @Chip Bennett – I think that other plugin people mention is called Login Lockdown. I tried looking for it in the plugin repository but decided to give this one a try and it works as advertised. The email notification is pretty slick.


  3. Martin

    I have always thought this limit login attempts feature should have been added to the core.


  4. Nicolas

    @Martin – agree! This should be fairly simple to implement and could add a lot to the overall security for everyone using WP.


  5. Adam W. Warner

    Nice review Jeff. As I have been working mostly in MU for the last couple years, and with the merge on the horizon, I wonder if there’s any interest in this developer making this MU compatible? What I mean is…I have an MU installation that has five sites (blogs) and I will be adding more regularly. It would be nice not to have to activate and configure this plugin on each individual site every time I create a new one.

    Just a thought, hopefully the dev will read this and report any interest (or lack of).

    Great review!


  6. paul
  7. Stephen Cronin

    Hi Jeffro,

    Sounds like a good solution, especially the nice touch of emailing you about lockouts.

    Personally, I password protect my wp-admin folder, which means they can’t even get to my login form (without entering a separate password). It means two passwords to enter, but lets me sleep better at night.

    Still, I’d like to know when someone tried, which I can’t currently…


  8. Martin

    @Nicolas – Yep your right, not the hardest thing to add to the core.

    A lot of CMS and forums already have this type of feature built in. Simple Machines, PHPBB and I think Joomla does it too…


  9. Syed Balkhi

    I am glad that you considered adding this plugin Jeff. We were getting a lot of these, so we took it a level further and put an IP restriction as well.


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