Resources for Working with the WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API is currently slated for inclusion in WordPress 4.1 and the API team is busy working towards that goal. Project contributors Ryan McCue and Rachel Baker have been on the road giving presentations to introduce developers to the API. They presented at WordCamp Milwaukee and WordCamp NYC, demonstrating how developers can use the API now in its current plugin-based form.

McCue also traveled to API Craft unconference in Detroit where he and Andrew Nacin hosted a session about building the WP API. “I think we solved some outstanding questions with the API, and we’re in a good place moving forward for version 2,” McCue reported after the event. He is currently holed up in Brooklyn working on the version 2 branch, which is focused on preparing the API for integration into WordPress core.

In the meantime, developers are getting excited about all the new possibilities that the WP REST API will open up. As part of the API team, I’ve been working on improving our documentation on, based on feedback from developers who are working with it every day. We’ve pulled all the extraneous docs that were previously in the plugin into the new Jekyll-powered GitHub pages site. We’ve also added new sections for Guides to help developers get started and Resources for working with the API.


The new Resources section includes all of the currently available client libraries, links to authentication information, major WordPress plugin integrations, slides and videos, useful tools and REST info. If you want to recommend any additional resources or have any suggestions for the documentation, feel free to let us know or jump in on GitHub.


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