1. Piet

    To be honest, this looks quite horrendous! I have been using Fever, a self hosted premium solution from feedafever.com, works awesome and you can even add it to your desktop.


    • Matt Katz

      Hi Piet! I agree that this version isn’t very good looking. That was version 0.1.6 – still very early stages. Better to get this out there and get feedback (even harsh feedback) than work in the dark.

      Good news is I’ve been hard at work after Jeff let me know the look was really bad. I’ll be releasing 0.1.8 which looks much cleaner and nicer. It also works on my phone! I’ll be trying to improve the mobile experience in 0.1.9 or 0.2.0.

      I’ll send you a note when I’m doing a release – I’d love any constructive feedback. The app is open source and I’m always looking for advice or help.


  2. Rob

    It has some Idiosyncrasies but is particularly useful for taking notes from feeds if you want to maintained a self contained system rather than use external services, paid or otherwise.


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