1. Keith Davis

    Always learn something when I come over Jeff.

    “WordPress is camel cased meaning the P is capitalized. It’s spelled WordPress.”

    I knew that the P was capitalised but I didn’t know that was called “camel cased”.


  2. bphelp1

    I have never seen any free beer! lol! If you know where I can get some let me know! Anyway nice post Jeff!


  3. Jim Walker

    Am I the only one who sees the 500 lb gorilla in the room…
    “Who is paying the bills / owns WordPress.org?”

    Someone is being paid a salary for engineering support of servers, daily task management, book keeping, etc. Whomever’s name appears on the top of that check effectively owns WordPress.org, its infrastructure, its scripts and the option to turn the infrastructure off, or sell it as they wish.

    WordPress is a trademark of Automattic Inc.

    This is an honest question. It’s something that remains unclear to me, and given that so much of my sweat and tears goes into supporting WordPress, I’d like to know who may be responsible for either pulling-the-switch or selling the operation (to a potentially less altruistic buyer) in future.


  4. Michael Quinn

    Worth highlighting in an article such as this:

    13. It’s Automattic. Two t’s.


  5. Leland Fiegel

    If only USPTO.gov site ran on WordPress, that URL might’ve been a functional permalink!

    Automattic is listed as the registrant, which is because they’re the original owner of the trademark. But the WordPress Foundation is the last listed owner, meaning they currently own it.

    It was transferred a few years ago: http://ma.tt/2010/09/wordpress-trademark/

    Edit: This was meant to be a reply to this comment by Jim, must’ve forgotten to click the correct reply button.


  6. Jim Walker

    Awesome reply Leland Fiegel.


  7. Jeremy Felt

    For point 5—the GPL (and WordPress) is explicitly free as in speech, not as in beer. Hence the 4 freedoms.


  8. Jan

    …and for this, I thank you! :)


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