1. Daniel James
    · Reply

    I’d be surprised if more badges that were ‘easier’ to obtain we’re added to profiles. I suggested many moons ago that a new ‘onboarding’ team be set up to help new people get into WordPress and contribute. I also suggested the new team have a badge.

    The idea was shelved almost instantly by community elders and weren’t particularly fond of the idea. I’m kind of surprised already that the training team have made progress towards some kind of educational/training system.

    Getting ideas within the community through to fruition is a notoriously difficult task. It’s a lot of work.


  2. Miroslav Glavić
    · Reply

    I have two badges: Plugin Developer and WordCamp Organizer

    I guess I could get the Translator one at some point? I speak 5 languages, basic others. I haven’t helped in Translating, but I could in the future.

    I don’t want my grades publicly out. English is not my first language. I thought it was publically and not publicly. Right there I would fail that question.

    I learned WordPress by diving right into it, before that was HTML. Never did I go for school before that for either. At some point I went to College for a Digital Media program just to get a diploma. One of the teachers was former WordCamp Toronto & Montreal organizer Brendan Sera-Shriar.

    Not everyone goes to school for whatever they are doing. I don’t need a course or quiz, I already took one that I over-paid for.

    I also took Spanish classes, even though Spanish is one my mother tongues. Just to finish the program, I needed some electives.

    The way you question someone, they could fail, even though they know the topic the question is asking.

    Will this courses be in multiple languages?

    A lot of things I learned, I learned by trying them out and not going to school for.

    A badge will only tell me I passed that course. What would stop anyone from taking the course and just having a second browser tab window to Google the answers?

    My clients’s satisfactions are my badges


    • Justin Tadlock
      · Reply

      Yes, I believe the courses will be in multiple languages. I am sure the training team could use help from folks who can translate. It’d probably be a good opportunity to jump in if it’s an area you’re interested in.


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