Progress Report: Measure Jetpack Benchmark Project

Late in 2015, Arūnas Liuiza, a WordPress plugin developer, announced a new project called Measure Jetpack. Measure Jetpack is an independent, comprehensive series of benchmarks that will show how much impact Jetpack has on a site’s performance.

Over the last few months, little information has been shared on the project’s status. I reached out to Liuiza for an update, “We’ve built a decent set of sample data for testing and hope to begin actual testing next week. The plan is to have all the data by the end of the month and publish some of the results in February,” Liuiza told the Tavern.

While the results are not likely to be conclusive, the benchmarks will be an important resource in an area where similar data is scarce.

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  1. I’d be very interested to see how much difference Photon makes… Hope it’s included. :)


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