Progeny MMXIV: A Free WordPress Audio Theme Based on Twenty Fourteen

Progeny MMXIV is a new free child theme for Twenty Fourteen. It was created by the folks at AudioTheme, a commercial theme shop that focuses on themes for bands, musicians, and labels.

Although most of the design strongly resembles its Twenty Fourteen parent theme, Progeny MMXIV is unique in that it offers integration with the AudioTheme Framework. This plugin adds gig management, discography, videos and other music industry-related features.


Progeny MMXIV enhances Twenty Fourteen’s default functionality to provide everything you need to launch a music website. The theme adds to and modifies Twenty Fourteen in the following ways:

  • Customized page layouts for music, videos, and gigs
  • Support for featured music or videos in the top content grid or slider
  • Widgets for AudioTheme framework’s record, track, video, and upcoming gigs
  • Contributor page template extended to allow for a list of user IDs to be specified to showcase band members along with social links for each
  • Automatic detection for adding social icons, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, directly into menu navigation

Check out the live demo of Progeny MMXIV to see the theme in action. Make sure to view an example gig listing, the band members page and sample track listings to see the special features applied.

Music makers often have multimedia content spread across multiple sites that specialize in audio, video, blogging, scheduling, etc. Progeny MMXIV gives you all the tools you need to unify your brand by managing your content, music, gigs, and videos all in one place. Download it for free from gihub or install it directly from the WordPress Themes Directory.


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