1. David Artiss

    Looks really good and I’m going to give it a whirl but… not yet. It’s worth noting that the plugin has a minimum requirement of WordPress 5.8, which isn’t due to be released until July 20th.


  2. Ella van Durpe

    Thank you! This plugin is something that I am and will continue to use personally for personal and work notes. It’s a good way for me to test Gutenberg every day. I might add an end-to-end encryption option option later on, but for most people it will just make the notes harder to access. I could add custom capabilities if there’s demand.

    I indeed disabled the theme styles, because it doesn’t seem desirable to have notes styled the same way as the front-end. I’ll refine the styling a bit in the future, but generally I’d like to keep them simple, similar to a note taking app like Apple Notes.

    Another thing that is worth mentioning: this plugin is meant to be used with the recently added Progressive Web App capabilities in Gutenberg (https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/33102), which will hopefully be in the next Gutenberg release as an experimental thing. Would love to see more testing there. It allows the WP admin to be added as an app on iOS, Android and macOS (through Chrome), so it’s a lot easier to access the notes and generally writing with WordPress.


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