1. Brice Capobianco

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the good news!
    Do you know where can I find the API updates? I’m a beat lost in the meta.trac :/


  2. originalexe


    any news about doing the same for the plugins repository?


  3. Localancers.com

    The design looks cool.
    The Subject Filter is a must.


  4. cssmarccom

    Looks nice, was only yesterday I was looking at some old designs of the theme repo.



  5. Andre

    I’d like to see the theme’s repository have the benefits that the plugins one has where you can offer more details and information pertaining to the theme. Tabs like the Changelog, installation, FAQ’s…etc. I’d also like to see the current “Preview” method abolished as it really is the worst ever; have it as a live link to an actual demo of the theme that the theme developer should have (make this mandatory).


    • James Koster

      I agree, having a more info-rich set of content on the individual theme pages would be a benefit to everyone.

      Relying on third parties for demos probably isn’t a good idea though. Definitely not mandatory. The current preview isn’t great, but I think it could be vastly improved with some good content.


  6. Shapeshifter 3

    I commented on this recently concerning my perceived limitations of WordPress.org’s Theme Filters: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-about-more-subject-tags . I don’t know if anyone else shares my opinion or not, but I’m glad there will be some changes forthcoming.


  7. antsanchez

    It looks nice. The theme tags should be updated/changed too.


  8. Benjamin Intal

    The filters should be updated soon also, since some of them are getting irrelevant now. Instead of listing different colors, maybe the list should be changed to include stuff like:

    * minimalist
    * magazine-type
    * blogging
    * customizable colors
    * large header images
    * the list goes on..


  9. Lisa League

    I’m missing the Theme Homepage link where I can see a demo, not just a static preview.


  10. Timothy Bowers (@TimothyKBowers)

    That’s just sweet :)


  11. Der kleine Webbie

    Looks nice thought!

    Anyway they should start moving over to git, this would be even better :)


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