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Most of the themes created by the professional design team at WordPress.com are geared towards bloggers. Business themes make up a much smaller segment of those designed in-house. That’s why the latest Pique theme is an unusual and exciting release.

Although the theme was originally designed for coffee shops, it also works well for other small businesses like cafés, bakeries, hair salons, and shops. Pique can be instantly branded for any business by uploading a logo and a custom header.

Its unique scrolling front page is created by adding panel sections, which are actually standard pages with content and featured images. Pique includes eight optional panels, which can be assigned within the customizer. Each panel control includes a dropdown selection of pages for the panel content, a background color option, and the ability to adjust the featured image’s opacity.


Single posts have an optional sidebar and the footer also includes three widget areas. Pique supports different page designs via three unique templates: full-width, grid, and testimonials. A grid style page needs to be set as a parent page and individual items will show up if they are set as child pages. The featured image of the child page displays as an image in the grid. It’s a somewhat convoluted process that’s not terribly intuitive, but it works.


Testimonials and recent blog posts can be displayed within the panels following instructions in the theme’s documentation. All testimonial content can also be viewed via its dedicated archive page at /testimonial/.


Pique has the capacity for special formatting using icons from Font Awesome. Call-to-action buttons and panel overlay text can be added using short HTML snippets from the theme’s instructions.

Pique makes it easy for anyone to build a one-page, branded website with all the specialized content sections that you would traditionally expect from a business theme. It has not yet arrived on WordPress.org but self-hosted uses can download the theme as a zip file from its homepage on WordPress.com.


25 responses to “Pique: A Free Small Business Theme for WordPress”

    • I actually have just been working on a site that works just like this. It’s a useful approach for a single page site. Keeps the content editing on the backend compartmentalised while showing a uniform front page. I actually use the menu items to derive the page content, it’s an interesting workflow.

    • I think it would be easier to control some options in the Customizer. Page content can be also used, but not too much. In my theme TheFour I pull only the content of the front page into the Features section. Other sections can be either setup in the customizer or auto generated (like portfolios, blog posts, etc.).

  1. This is intriguing. I was considering something similar for the front end of my website as a project after the new year, and I’d settled on a “custom menu with walker” scheme to make it happen. I’ll take a look at the underlying code to see how this works, which may give me ideas.

  2. Sigh. I can view the theme in the directory if I’m logged out of wordpress.com, but it tells me I have to log in to use it on my self-hosted blog. When I sign in, no matter what I do (viewing that theme, searching for others, viewing the directory main page, etc.) I get “theme not found” errors.

    Beautiful theme. I guess I’m not meant to use it.

  3. Hi, Kathryn P.! I like Pique Cafe a lot and am thinking about shifting my WP site to this theme. However, it is not particularly intuitive–as has been pointed out on this thread–and I was wondering if there are more comprehensive instructions somewhere. I’m pretty tech savvy, but do run my own business, and anything that can shrink the learn time for this theme would be very helpful.

  4. This theme is absolute gorgeous! However, I’m having some problems with the social media icons, that the theme supports. I’m trying to add links/icons to the footer as a secondary menu. Everything is fine with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – the links turn into icons – ,but there seems to be no way to add an email address and have it display as an “envelope icon”. Am I just dumb or is it just not featured?

    Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this kind of questions (:

  5. Does anyone know how to increase the size of the logo? It is barely readable on my site. I have tried to upload larger sizes but they are all displayed in a tiny format. If I compare it to the PIQUE Logo, it is much, much smaller.


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