1. Sami Keijonen

    Thanks Sarah for the article!

    I’d like to add that David has been great lead for Twenty Seventeen with Mel Choyce and Laurel Fulford.


  2. Thomas

    Great interview!

    The theme wranglers at Automattic are doing an amazing job in reviewing themes. I learned so much about theme development and got invaluable feedback when Laurel Fulford dived into my theme and created dozens of tickets to improve it :)


  3. Penerjemah Inggris

    I just realize if Pique created by Automattic team. Thank you for themes recommendation. Still waiting for Twenty Seventeen.


  4. Ana

    Great interview Sami ❤. Big thanks to David and all WP.com theme wranglers for the amazing things they are continuously providing and for learning me so much during the theme review :)


  5. Alex Denning

    Really interesting read, thanks for writing Sami and partaking David! Always fun to see behind the scenes of how things work.


  6. Javier Schvindlerman

    Pique is absolutely beautiful, David! I had no idea about it but will definitely start recommend it whenever someone’s in need of a nice free theme (a very popular question on meetups).
    Thanks for mentioning it!


  7. Jennifer

    David- I love the frequency of new theme releases on WordPress.com, but it really looks like there’s a push on to release mainly Premium themes. Any hope of seeing more free themes released in the near future? Thanks.


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