Pipdig Under Investigation, Company is Refusing Customers’ Refund Requests

In the wake of last week’s Pipdidg scandal, the WordPress blogger and developer communities have been working together to help the company’s customers get on new themes and ensure the safety of their websites. Pipdig has been reported to various UK and internet authorities and is currently under investigation.

Pipdig’s hosting provider has proactively disabled malicious code in certain files while the company conducts its own investigation.

Meanwhile, Pipdig has been denying customers’ refund requests, in accordance with its “no refund” policy. Customers have received responses from the company claiming that the recent accusations were either “false, twisted, or sensationalized.”

Customers who have purchased Pipdig products within the last 180 days may still be able to receive a refund through other channels. The Twitter thread below suggests lodging a payment dispute with PayPal or your bank or credit card provider, by referencing consumer protection laws and providing evidence of Pipdig’s false and misleading conduct.

Help for Affected Pipdig Customers Switching to New Themes

If you work in WordPress every day, you may not realize how much of a challenge it is for some users to switch themes. WordPress developers and bloggers are stepping up to provide resources to help those who want to transition to a new theme.

“I understand that bloggers using Pipdig themes for WordPress might want to switch away, but don’t have the time, money, or skills to do so right away,” Mark Jaquith said. “So here’s P3 Neutraliser — a plugin that will prevent the P3 plugin from updating or ‘phoning home.’” The plugin is available on GitHub with step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing it. It is intended as a stopgap measure for users to activate while they are in the process of transitioning to a new theme.

Former Pipdig customers are struggling to find new themes, as a large number of them fall into the fashion blogger demographic. This is a niche with specific requirements for design and functionality. Many are also confused about the findings in the reports and don’t know how to act on this information.

Searching WordPress.org for fashion-inspired themes does not turn up many relevant results. Former Pipdig customers hunting for new themes will need a more curated list of recommendations. WordPress developer Tia Wood published a post with a list of both free and commercial alternative themes that may be helpful to those still looking. Freelance designer Rachel Sulek has a Twitter thread with options that are comparable to Pipdig’s theme designs.


8 responses to “Pipdig Under Investigation, Company is Refusing Customers’ Refund Requests”

  1. Nasty stuff when this happens. But I’m curious how many people (by the numbers) are affected by this? Trying to think if there’s something I can do to help; the good thing is that there are a lot of options available from a variety of sources.

  2. Oops! Things like this happen often. When a theme suits your website so much and all of a sudden you need to change it. That’s difficult. When so many people are loving your products, I guess Pipdig should take a stand, and make sure everything is fixed without losing its customers.

    • I guess Pipdig should take a stand, and make sure everything is fixed without losing its customers.

      Who do you mean by it’s customers? Hopefully not Pipdig. He had his chance on building a legit business, but chose a different path. However I agree that Pipdig should clean up his act instead of this uncooperative attitude.

      Trust arrives on foot, but leaves on horseback.

  3. I just stick with the Total theme it’s updated often over the years and I can do lots with it. I really don’t like when the author of a theme never updates it.

    The people that made Pipdig. Should be barred from doing anything with WordPress since they have betrayed the communities trust


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