1. Nick

    Another excellent episode…

    Until now very few objected to the “decisions, not options” slogan, that Automattic uses, why are some now objecting to the Jetpack’s and woocommerce plugin suggestions? As JJJ indicated a few episodes back, having others make some decisions for you, might be helpful and beneficial, and probably time saving for some… (I’m paraphrasing here).

    As I said before, I find “decisions not options” very offensive, and is nothing short of “software communism”. That said, Automattic really controls the entire show, and it is in their right to do anything they want, but at least they have to be brave and tell the truth, instead of hiding behind “we”, and “democratizing publishing”, and other meaningless phrases and countless lies ! There was no democracy the way WP 5.0 was developed, even the way the release date was decided. And I know what some are already thinking… and no, the WP governance project is not the answer, if anything it will divide the community even more, and if successful in forcing themselves to do what they are planning, they will only add bureaucracy to the whole thing, and nothing will get done!

    Looking forward to next week’s episode… the only podcast that is not boring !


  2. Michael McGlynn

    In my opinion, part of the issue with Jetpack is their UI. They have done a poor job in making the paid features discoverable.

    They have recognized the lack of conversion of free to paid accounts and have attempted to solve the issue on the backs of the community rather than revamping their own product’s UI to do a better job of demonstrating value.

    The idea of Automattic owned products getting a pass is dangerous. Great comments by JJJ on this topic.


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