1. LPH

    Adding a boilerplate template for a plugin would strengthen this release even more.


  2. Greg Winiarski

    What PHPStorm really needs is a support for multiple projects, this is the only feature stoping me from switching from NetBeans.


    • Scott Kingsley Clark

      What’s lacking for multiple project support? You mean multiple projects in one window? Careful what you wish for, NetBeans is a memory hog when it comes to that, I’m glad PHPStorm doesn’t do that. However, PHPStorm does offer external directories to be included into a project, which I do for my core WP install and any other reference folders I don’t want inside my project itself.


    • Alex Mills

      What do you mean? I have lots of different projects set up in PhpStorm. For example I have a project that’s all of WordPress.com and a separate project that’s a local WordPress.org install for plugin development. I’m thinking about switching to a project per plugin though so that I don’t get bleed over between plugins.


  3. Johnathan Lyman

    This makes me incredibly happy. That is all.


  4. Wil Brown



  5. rfair404

    Happy Happy dance! I think this will help a lot of developers. I know that since I started using a “real” ide and the built in tools like git integration, unit tests etc its made me way more proficient.


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