1. Ian Armstrong

    Hey Sarah,

    There is almost always a major sale on PHPStorm towards the end of the year and once you buy the license, the annual renewal is much cheaper. Last two years running, if memory serves, there was a 50% off sale during the holidays.

    I bounce back and forth between PHPStorm and Sublime 3, depending on the project. The problem with both products is that pesky 30 day trial. By the end of it, you’re cursing yourself because buying the license is no longer a choice. They hook you. By the end of that period, you no longer want to write code without a real IDE.


  2. Kyle Newsome

    Great News! Pro-tip: These IDEs are often on sale around the start of school semesters i.e. September, December/January.

    Also, the individual license is half the price of commercial if you are not getting your employer to front the bill.


  3. Sarah Gooding

    Thanks Kyle and Ian – good tip on hitting a sale :)


  4. Justin Sainton

    Great post, Sarah! PHPStorm reached out to us several months ago, offerring any contributors to WP eCommerce a free license to PHPStorm.

    A lot of our contributors have been taking advantage of that and absolutely loving PHPStorm.

    Now that the final release is out, I’ll likely be switching over myself. We’re really grateful that PHPStorm is devoted to contributing back to the open source community in this way. Shameless plug: If you’re looking to get a free license to PHPStorm – we happily welcome new contributors to WP eCommerce over on Github :)


    • Sarah Gooding

      LOL Nice plug! Might gain WP E-Commerce a few new contributors, too, given how awesome PhpStorm 8 is. :D Now would be a great time to remind all the contributors on your project of the availability of your open source licensed copies, given all the exciting changes in version 8.


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