PhpStorm 8 Released With Full WordPress Support

PhpStorm from JetBrains is far and away the most favored IDE for PHP developers. In March, PhpStorm announced that the upcoming version 8 would add official support for WordPress. The official release is finally here and delivers on that promise, adding a deeper level of support for developers who work with the WordPress code base.

PhpStorm 8 makes it easy to set up your development environment configuration specifically for WordPress. You can now add WordPress integration when creating a new project, or add it to existing projects.


In version 8 you’ll find an impressive array of built-in hook features:

  • Completion for WordPress Action and Filter functions parameters (hooks completion)
  • Navigation from Action and Filter functions (hook registration) to hook invocation
  • Callbacks from Hook Registration
  • With Navigate | Symbol…you can search for hook invocations and easily navigate to them
  • Find Usages for Hook Registration Functions


This release adds WordPress code style, the ability to search on right from the editor, and support for WP-CLI. It also includes PHP Code Sniffer with WordPress Coding Standards integration to help you keep your project in line with WP coding conventions.


PhpStorm 8 includes a plugin skeleton to help you get started. It creates a plugin-name.php file with the proper meta information.


Check out the online documentation for a guide to configuring your development environment for WordPress projects. If you’re curious to know how much work went into building in WordPress support, have a look at the number of issues tracked during development for this version.

A PhpStorm license is $199, but if you contribute to an open source project or create open source extensions for WordPress, you may be eligible for a free Open Source License.

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