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werockwplogoA new project called We Rock WordPress headed by Netizens Media aims to showcase the cream of the crop when it comes to talent in the WordPress community. Out of the 23 people on the site thus far, I have interacted or know of 18 of them. Not bad I guess. Like WPZooms 20 WordPress Rockstars post, this site showcases mugshots instead of graphics.


The site is using the recently released Gallery child theme which was built on top of the Thematic framework. Featured members have a screenshot of their site on the left hand side while on the right, a picture of the featured member along with information such as website url, Twitter ID, and an option to send the entry to Twitter. A comment form is also present to give kudos to those featured.

I think this is a good use of the gallery theme. This site actually inspired me to check and see if was available as I thought of creating a WordPress Hall Of Fame but the domain has been taken. In fact, it was registered in 2005 and has been registered for a length of 10 years. Oh well, one less domain for you WordPress domain guys out their to grab. At any rate, give the site a look over.

By the way, they have a submission form if you feel someone in the WordPress community is worthy of being highlighted in the gallery. Don’t even think about submitting my name!

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  1. Thanks to whomever submitted me to the directory. I had a feeling that if I published a post about it, someone would submit me even if I requested not to be. But, I’ll take it. Quite the accomplishment to be mentioned on the same page as all of those other talented WordPress Rockstars.


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