1. Peter Knight

    The problem I see with 3rd party apps like Clef is that we’re now adding at least 2 or more companies that we have to entrust with our login processes, Clef, and our mobile OS to name just two. I don’t think that is the right tack to solving the unauthorized access problem. I don’t see this solving the password problem either because one might as well install a password program to remember the passwords and fill them in automatically. At least with that solution, you don’t have to rely on another companies servers.

    For a more seamless login experience Persona is a nicer, hassle-free solution. And finally, I’m very hesitant to make a mobile device more important than it already is. The more important we make it, the more dangerous the security risk. Having to increasingly rely on a mobile for everything is not something I want, for various reasons ranging from practical to philosophical. As a consumer, I’d rather be moving in the opposite direction (using a phone as a tool rather than being a slave to a be-all, do-all, always-needing-to-be-by-my-side device). I think it’s healthier in the long run.


  2. Henry Buell

    The functionality looks great, I definitely agree – especially being able to task one developer or writer across different sites.

    While I agree with and respect the privacy concerns voices by Peter, I also hate being chained to the system where I keep those 50-100 different passwords, and would like a system that could manage that for me.

    The bar code idea is quite cool. Thanks for the post on this. I’ll check it out.


  3. Mabel Ruth

    Passwords – and more specifically, using the same passwords on multiple accounts – was a huge problem for me as a freelancer. Managing all those client accounts with security required that I find an easy solution (or be forced to frantically change all the account credentials upon hearing word of a hack!) I’ve been using PasswordBox for iPhone and it works really well. It syncs to my computer, generates strong passwords and automatically logs me in. Can’t recommend it more highly.


  4. Jack Russell Thomson

    I would have loved the concept of being able to log in easier to a number of different websites. As someone who runs a dozen for different clients it would save me some time and effort even if it was only logging in to update the frequent wordpress versions.

    However i also understand the issue of sharing passwords on my iPhone. Although I have never ever lost a phone in last 12 years of using them the idea of my phone getting into the wrong hands frightens me.

    the new iphone being launched later this month with fingerprint login will go some way towards reducing my fears but I need to get to understand how that works in practice before making my mind.

    Maybe going for it BUT not yet.


  5. V Hướng Dẫn

    Unfavorable of getclef that when you logout from mobile, all user will logout automatic. I hope they can develop app that user can manager password their.


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