Panel Discussion On Commercial WordPress Products and Services

One of the highlights of WordCamp Minneapolis 2014, was the panel discussion on commercial WordPress products. The panel was filled with successful business minds sharing their knowledge of running commercial WordPress products and services.

Each of the panelists shared their story on how they started their business. One thing they all have in common is they concentrated on one specific problem and hammered away at it until they had the best solution.

One of my favorite parts of the discussion was near the end when each individual shared the reality of owning and running a business. It’s not as simple as creating a product and then making money hand over fist. Managing benefits, taxes, out of state employees versus contractors, support, and accounting are all aspects of a business that need to be taken care of in addition to the product or service.

Watch the session and let us know in the comments if you learned anything you can apply to your own business.


9 responses to “Panel Discussion On Commercial WordPress Products and Services”

  1. Great panel! Thank you to everyone involved.

    @Krish, this took place at University of St. Thomas, in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

  2. Amazing panel and discussion. It’s really interesting to hear the business aspects of successful WP companies. I also like hearing about post-mortems from failed/folded WordPress companies because you can learn a lot from that too.

    • I’ve personally been trying to find failed businesses and highlight them because we don’t hear much about them. We only hear about the success stories. Often times, we can learn more from failed businesses than the successful ones.

      • My menu business went belly up ages back. I’m happpy to discuss that with you if you like. I didn’t speak publicly about it at the time as I didn’t want to sound like I was whining about other things happening in the WordPress community which caused it to collapse.


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