I’ll Be At WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 LogoI’m happy to announce that I’ll be in attendance at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 next weekend August 24-25th. Not only will I be in attendance, but I’ve been selected to moderate a panel discussion on commercial themes and plugins. The other speakers participating in the panel are Pippin Williamson, Adam Pickering, Daniel Espinoza, and Jake Caputo. This is a topic that is right up my alley and I feel like I’ll be able to ask the right kinds of questions that provide valuable insight to the audience. I’ll try my best not to make any inside jokes to Jake, considering the mess that took place at the beginning of this year.

If you were in my shoes and were going to moderate a panel on Commercial Plugins and Themes, what sort of questions would you ask these individuals? I have a handful already but just curious as to what you’d ask them?

By the way, there are still tickets available to the event so if you’re on the fence about it, jump off and go!


8 responses to “I’ll Be At WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013”

  1. Ask them about what belongs in a plugin and what belongs in a theme! :D No, just kidding…
    Ask them about what do they thing about the one fee and lifetime support… no wait… what about what do they think about abandoned plugins on the repository, or the lack of a robust “uninstall-and-delete-db-crap” on most of plugins. Uhm… You know what? Ask them about bacon. ;)

  2. A “panel discussion”, on themes & plugins eh? A selected set of figures picked for their relevance & experience? And then there’s a mixed audience?

    And the moderator gets to … keep things perking? Challenge assumptions & disturb complacency? Keep it entertaining for the audience?

    1.) “Core vs Plugin”. Matt Mullenweg in years past sang the praises of a small core that does little …. WordPress trending to become almost a mere Language. There’s been some compromising … but that may have come to a halt, with the version 3.6 fiasco.

    2.) “Industrial Users vs Freelance Developers”. It is very important that WordPress cater to major power-hitters in the big-time online publishing world. These entities often have their own inhouse WordPress shop … they don’t typically buy themes or plugins, they custom-build them, on-premise, using their salaried WP staff.

    3.) “Websites vs Social”. How to meet the challenge … which Matt Mullenweg regrets not prioritizing earlier.

    4.) “Kate Middleton vs Kim Kardashian”. Rule Number One – don’t let too many of those audience-chairs get empty! :)

  3. @Joan – That would be a good way to derail the session lol.

    @Brad Parbs – Sass is one of these new fangled terms I see everywhere but know nothing about. Maybe I’ll try and catch your session.

    @Chip Bennett – Thanks, too bad. We could have met again!

    @Ted Clayton – I’ll definitely ask the last question regarding Kate or Kim but considering the panel is made up of men and has a male moderator, not sure this would end so well.

    @Chad Warner – It’s just a week away now!

    @Michelle – If you still have your hair the same color as in your gravatar, you won’t be hard to miss :P


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