I’ll Be At WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 LogoI’m happy to announce that I’ll be in attendance at WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013 next weekend August 24-25th. Not only will I be in attendance, but I’ve been selected to moderate a panel discussion on commercial themes and plugins. The other speakers participating in the panel are Pippin Williamson, Adam Pickering, Daniel Espinoza, and Jake Caputo. This is a topic that is right up my alley and I feel like I’ll be able to ask the right kinds of questions that provide valuable insight to the audience. I’ll try my best not to make any inside jokes to Jake, considering the mess that took place at the beginning of this year.

If you were in my shoes and were going to moderate a panel on Commercial Plugins and Themes, what sort of questions would you ask these individuals? I have a handful already but just curious as to what you’d ask them?

By the way, there are still tickets available to the event so if you’re on the fence about it, jump off and go!

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