1. Lisa

    Every designer and/or developer should have a healthy FBI file, I always say :) Thanks for your words about my talk – I know you and I had a chat about it after the fact and I do want to reiterate that the burden of scoping lays primarily with the designer/developer you’re hiring to do the work … but coming to the table with key ideas and concepts really, REALLY helps a great deal.

    Was great to see you again, Jeff! Let’s do it again sometime.


  2. Jeffro

    @Lisa – Was great to see you as well. Looking forward to having you on the show before the end of 2013! By the way, how was the traffic through Chicago on the way back?


  3. Lisa

    The traffic in back through Chicago on Sunday night was just as bad as it was going out on Friday afternoon – – same, same. We made it out alive.

    I really dislike driving in Chicago.


  4. Jeffro

    @Lisa – Out of all the technology in that Jeep you rented, surprised it didn’t have the ability to float or hover. You could have used it as a ferry and went as fast as you wanted :)


  5. Daniel Espinoza

    Great to meet you in person Jeff! I look forward to meeting up at a future WordCamp!


  6. Jeffro

    @Daniel Espinoza – The feeling is mutual. While we can not go into the details, it was nice to finally figure out Pippin’s secret of writing awesome code :)


  7. Doug Smith

    It was great to meet you, Jeff.

    Last year’s contributor day had a much different flavor with a couple core developers giving guidance on how to best make contributions and answering questions. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

    Although it was different this year, I was grateful for a bit of time to start putting into practice what I learned the day before.


  8. Jeffro

    @Doug Smith – Nice meeting you as well. Yep, as I mentioned I think the lack of core developers and such hindered how effective the Contributor day was. However, I’m also thinking that perhaps outside of WordCamp San Francisco, contributor day doesn’t make much sense as most WordCamps are filled with locals who may not have a clue about contributing to WordPress. So perhaps Contributor day should be renamed to something else because I think it’s a great idea to take what you’ve learned in the previous day or two and have dedicated time to work on ideas or projects the next day. Make Sunday just one big happiness bar lol.


  9. Kyle

    WCRG was a blast for me too this year. There were fantastic sessions, great speakers and a really nice venue. I’m so glad I was able to attend. I especially apprecated Brad Parbs’ session on SASS and Chris Klosowski’s debugging talk.

    I’m also very excited about WordCamp Detroit this which is coming up real soon as well. Who’s going to that?


  10. Chad Warner

    Jeff, I enjoyed meeting you in person and talking about the return of your podcast. Thanks for volunteering to lead the panel. I hope you’re able to join us as a speaker or attendee again next year.


  11. Jeffro

    @Chad Warner – Was nice meeting you as well. I hope I can come back next year to the event and try out a few more fruit based craft brews and have some more good times.


  12. Carlos

    Great write up on this camp. I had a great time meeting all of you and hopefully we can keep some of Pippins awesomeness, uh, contained in future camps.


  13. Pete Ericson

    Need to mention a great helpdesk for ticketing: freshdesk.com. I tried zendesk and looked at a lot of others but even zendesk’s new UI was not intuitive. Freshdesk gets it right and has a decent mobile web interface. And the price is right (1 agent is free)


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