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Many WordPress users elect to automatically close comments on older posts in order to keep the constant deluge of spam at bay. This method works, but it comes with a couple of drawbacks. The option, found under the Settings → Discussion screen, is essentially an an all-or-nothing choice on older posts.

The comment deadline setting is an unsparing guillotine that drops after a set number of days to cut off discussion, without regard for any conversations still in progress. The reality is that not all older content automatically becomes irrelevant after a set number of days. Certain posts may take months or even years to get found in the vast sea of content on the web. Moreover, some posts may not gain traction or ignite conversation until well after they were originally published.

The Override Comment Deadline plugin was created to offer authors a little more flexibility to leave comments open on select posts after the deadline set in the discussion settings. It adds a new metabox to the post edit screen where you can check a box to keep comments open.


Scott Nelle, Application Developer at Union Street Media, created the plugin to do one simple thing- to keep comments open indefinitely on select posts. There’s no settings screen or anything else that needs to be configured. However, you will need to have assigned a number of days for automatically closing comments in the discussion settings in order for the plugin to be effective.

Many large blogs are turning off comments because of the time-consuming tasks of moderation and spam management. With the help of Override Comment Deadline, you can still close the door to hordes of spam on older, less relevant posts, while keeping comments open on posts where the conversation is still going strong.

If you have a strong readership surrounding your blog, the comments can oftentimes be more important than the original post. They become a treasure trove of information and interaction that transform your blog into a community, as opposed to just a soapbox. If you want the option to keep the conversation going on your most important posts, install the Override Comment Deadline plugin from WordPress.org.


4 responses to “Override WordPress Comment Deadline Settings”

  1. OK, so I want comments…dearly, but turned off comments because of the massive manual spam, apparently manual, and well within any 14 day limit. And I really don’t have time to moderate spam, nor do I want my contributors to be bombed with spam. I see many websites with comments, which apparently are unmoderated. What’s the solution to that?

    • You are probably using the wrong anti-spam tools. It’s extremely rare to see anything more than a few spam messages per month if you put some basic tools in place to block them.

        • I’m perhaps not the best person to ask, since I’m biased as I created my own anti-spam plugin ;)


          I get about 100,000 spam messages per month. That plugin used to whittle it down to about one spam every six months, but that has shot up to about five per month lately. Using Akismet would probably get rid of those last few spams, but I prefer not to use it as I figure if my plugin isn’t blocking stuff then it’s just a sign I need to make my plugin better :) (I’m working on a big improvement for it at the moment, which seems to be working well so far, but isn’t ready for public consumption just yet)


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