Open Discussion On Guidelines Pertaining To Non WordCamp Events

There has been a new post published on the WordPress Events site that outlines a set of proposed guidelines for non-WordCamp events that are created by previous WordCamp organizers. With at least two previous WordCamp organizers putting on their own events this year outside of the WordCamp name, these guidelines are necessary to make sure both events can coexist peacefully without causing confusion to WordCamp attendees.

First of all, I commend Andrea Middleton and the Events team for putting the proposal out into the open for discussion. Not too long ago, changes like the ones presented in the proposal would have just happened with no discussion and we’ve seen in the past that this is a recipe for disaster which ends up causing a rift in the community. So far, the discussion surrounding the guidelines has been calm and level-headed. Even Matt Mullenweg has participated in the conversation.

The proposed guidelines come across as a bunch of common sense to me. I especially like the fact that videos from non WordCamp events are encouraged to be shared on as long as they meet the submission guidelines. If you are a current, past, or future WordCamp organizer, be sure to give the guidelines a read and weigh in.

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