1. Miroslav Glavić
    · Reply

    The top 5 countries with covid cases: USA, India, Brazil, UK & Russia.

    So many Americans have come to WordCamp Toronto over the years. I have read online that some UK have attended US basec WordCamps in the past.

    Canada has close ties to the US and UK. I worry about them coming to in-person WordCamps in Canada. The #1 and #4 most infected countries in the world.

    US has been #1 almost since the beginning.

    What if Americans, Indians, Brazilians, British and Russians come to let’s say WordCamp Toronto and they bring a “surprise gift” to attendees at WordCamp Toronto?

    What if someone from Toronto goes to let’s say WCMIA and comes back to Toronto with being infected, then a week later attends WCTO?


    If we are going to do in-person events… at least do social distancing and EVERYONE wears mask. Including organizers, volunteers attendees and sponsors.

    Oooh sponsors tables. Many WordCamps, there is a person from whatever sponsor sitting behind a table. So many people come in for whatever free item or talk to that person. So much risk of infections. Then that sponsor’s staff at the table can infect me and others.

    What about the extra cost of hand sanitizers? Will WordCamp Central/Automattic/WordPress/whatever cover it?

    Lunch/Dinner will be so different too.

    When I used to volunteer for WordCamps, there used to be a few get togethers meetings to talk about the event. Sometimes we all get together the day or two or three to setup things before the weekend of the WordCamp. How will this take place?

    In Ontario (province Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto are in) there are mandatory capacity limits. I am sure in Quebec (province Montreal is in) has similar mandatory capacity limits?

    Does it even make sense to hold a WordCamp in in-person when you have a 25% capacity limit? Will the sponsors want to sponsor with that low attendance?

    Two weeks ago I turned 43 (September 1), I think for my 44th birthday we will be having this same conversation. Maybe even for my 45th birthday.
    The latest variant is mu/moo/something like that.

    Canada has banned direct flights from India. There are flights from New Delhi to Toronto via Frankfurt, Vienna, Copenhagen, London and Warsaw. so that ban is useless.

    Other countries have similar bans.

    What about WordCamp Europe? Europe is a mess. UK is in #4 place, France is #6 and Germany is #14. Italy is #12

    Right now as a Canadian, I can’t enter the US. Specially for non-essential trips, like WordCamps.

    We are not even close to having in-person, or at least having in-person events that allow outside the local community to attend


  2. Sally G.
    · Reply

    Thanks for this update! As much as in-person is fun and irreplaceable, I am not seeing myself travelling for some time to come, so am good with virtual Camps for a while longer. I appreciate the honor-system vaccine request; appropriate to be safe and respect Campers’ integrity. Selecting a venue that has the standards desired makes a lot of sense; good suggestion.


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