Only 70 Tickets Remain to Livestream Prestige for Free August 1-2, 2015

Prestige Conference LogoWith just a few days remaining before Prestige takes place, there are only 70 tickets left to watch the event for free. Courtesy of Rocketgenius, the event’s primary sponsor, more than 500 people will be watching the event for free this weekend. To watch the event for free, use the code GravityFormsLS when purchasing a streaming ticket.

Free tickets are sold out. However, entering the code PrestigeStream when purchasing a streaming ticket, will take 50% off the price

Prestige is a conference founded by Kiko Doran and Josh Broton in 2014 that focuses on the business aspects of WordPress. The first event was held in Minneapolis, MN, in October of 2014. Earlier this year, Prestige was held in Las Vegas, NV. This weekend marks the third time the conference will be held.

The Future of Prestige

The first and second conference had approximately 100 attendees and Doran expects the same amount this weekend. However, future iterations of Prestige will have lower attendance. “We are transitioning to more of an online event. We’re actually going to make the in-person events smaller moving forward.” Doran told the Tavern.

There’s also a chance the conference could morph into something completely different. “After organizing two WordCamps, I figured out some of the things I loved about them and some of the things I don’t. Prestige has given me the freedom to try new things and see what people like and what they don’t like,” Doran said.

Prestige in Las Vegas Nevada
Prestige in Las Vegas, NV Image courtesy of James Dalman

Although the conference has been held twice this year and in different cities, the organizing team plans to host at least one Prestige conference in Minneapolis every year. Talks are underway for the next event but details are not locked down.

“We plan to do one in Minneapolis every year because we love the community there. We’d like to do Minneapolis in the summer time, due to weather, then we’d like to do any winter events in a warm place,” Doran said.

Organizing a conference is a challenging experience that benefits from having motivated organizers. Doran explains what motivates him to organize Prestige, sometimes twice a year.

“I have a small awesome team of organizers that love putting this event on. That and the people who come and share their knowledge. It’s a smaller event but to me, that’s the appeal of it. Everyone is far more approachable in this environment,” he said.

A First for Prestige

This weekend’s event features a hands-on workshop by Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative. It’s the first session in Prestige’s young history to involve hands-on exercises. The session is uncharted territory for the conference which has mostly focused on people sharing their experiences building  businesses.

How Long Will Doran Organize Prestige?

With this being his third conference, I asked Doran how long does he plan to continue organizing Prestige, “I’ll organize the conference as long as there is a demand for the content. People often say to scratch your own itch. This conference started off as a little self-serving in that I wanted to ask people all of these questions. Then I thought, couldn’t others benefit from this information as well?” he replied.

I’ll Be at Prestige Conference

I’ll be among the 100 expected attendees at this weekends conference. If you’re attending the event, please stop me and say hi. If not, make sure you grab one of the 70 tickets left to watch a livestream of the event. You can also monitor the #Prestigeconf hashtag on Twitter. If you’ve previously attended Prestige or watched the livestream, please share your experiences in the comments.


7 responses to “Only 70 Tickets Remain to Livestream Prestige for Free August 1-2, 2015”

  1. Hey Jeff – I spoke at the first Prestige conference in Minneapolis and attended the Las Vegas event and loved both. I appreciated the smaller more intimate setting and focus on business lessons, stories, and experiences. I also found that the setting lenses itself well for more intimate and personal conversations about business growing pains, staffing, sales, and more.

    I’m a big fan of live events and believe you can find a gold nugget in any presentation of you are open to it, even if it’s just a shift in perspective :)

    I’m excited for the workshop session on Sunday… and for attendees to have time to work on their business, specifically gaining clarity around their brand marketing message, benefits, risks, ideal client, and more. My goal is to have attendees walking away with more confidence in how they speak and write about their business, and their products and services.

    I’ve hosted my own live workshops in the past, teleseminars and webinar trainings, and taught on similar topics at women’s business events and live retreats.

    Excited to hear you’ll be there too and look forward to your feedback!


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