1. that girl again

    The full set of smilies is finally back on wordpress.com. Yay. I just hope that the people who embraced the anaemic Tango smilies aren’t being deprived of their monkeys and angels now. ;)

    Hopefully Automattic will learn from this that screwing around with people’s content is a Really Bad Idea. Just because you’re playing with the idea of changing something in core, it doesn’t always follow that the same changes are necessary or appropriate for wordpress.com.


  2. dg

    Hey. You kind of wrote this article with the assumption everyone knows the background. Could you fill in the w-w-w type of facts? Where had the smilies gone? When, why? I can imagine it would be controversial, guess I missed the controversy.

    *Goes to check if my smilies still work.* I use a plugin anyway, but also depend on the old smilies to be there as traditionally expected if I disable the plugin.


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