1. Tammy Hart (@tammyhart)

    Why don’t we just recreate the current smilies designs in 2x? Then you’re not completely changing content.


  2. mor10

    IMO if there is going to be a change in how the Smilies are implemented it should be that they are removed from core all together. They are a pretty clear case of “plugin territory” as they do not serve an essential widespread use case. Most WP users are not aware the Smilies are even in core, but those who stumble on them often do so by error and are frustrated when they appear.

    Smilies have their place, in particular in chat streams as emoticons, but WordPress is not a chat application.

    Alternatively, if Smilies are to be upgraded I would propose adopting a wider range of emoji options to go beyond “just” smilies. The emoji found in Google Hangouts are great but even that enormous collection is limiting in scope. No easy solutions here. Just more questions.


    • Gerard ter Beke

      The emoji from Google Hangouts are ugly. Really ugly.

      Would it be that hard to have smileypacks? Define a range of standard emoji like in WhatsApp and Hangout and Telegram, and let the user decide.


  3. Siobhan

    A drastic change to smilies affects the tone of previous conversations. One might even argue that changing the face of the emoticons rewrites the history contained in older posts. In some cases this affects 10+ years worth of content.

    This is an excellent point. Maybe the solution could be to only change the smilies in future content – i.e. if they end up in 4.0, they only apply to posts from 4.0 onwards. Everything prior to that retains the old smilies.


    • Sarah Gooding

      That is an interesting idea, but I wonder if this would be resource-intensive for WordPress to have to figure out how to display smilies for each post, based on the date. I have no idea. But your suggestion is an option that I would gladly tick if it were available to me when updating smilies.


      • Ryan Hellyer

        I like the idea, and I don’t think it would be too resource intensive, but it could be very confusing for users, and frustrating if they wanted to make the newer smilies appear.

        This does seem like a good idea for a plugin though. If I’m bored this weekend I might put something together like that.


  4. Otto

    “Smilies or death!”

    “Well, I’ll have the chicken then.”

    “Ahh, excellent choice. Wine? There you go. Thank you for flying Church of England.”


    • Siobhan

      :D :D :D


    • Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

      We weren’t expecting such a rush on smilies complaints. Have a donut. (I ordered vegetarian.)

      I will say… I hate the existing ones, and always have. First reason I learned to code in WP? Get rid of them (admittedly, my code was an .htaccess redirect, but the filter didn’t exist yet!). I do get Otto’s point about ‘Leave my content alone’ and it’s a solid, good, fair point. But so is the fact that it’s bloody 2014, and the tiny, pixelated, smilies aren’t easy for everyone to read, they look like crap when you zoom in a page to 120% (which I find myself doing on sites with 12px fonts), and if we can have smilie ‘packs’ all handled by a plugin and yank ’em from core ‘safely’ (like we did with link manager), then that would be nice.

      Hell, I’d be happy if we could have scalable versions that look JUST LIKE the ones today. That would be far less objectionable to me than the gifs.


  5. Abdul

    The best way is what, to included different open source emoticons in a jetpack module or a separate plugin like polldady (just a personal best way-idea). :) This will help to use different emoticons and emoticons are the part of our faces and they represent our moods. No way to runaway WP. :D


  6. Ryan Hellyer

    I’m not convinced these new smilies are the best that we can do, but I’m definitely keen to see the old ones disappear. I upgraded my smilies to the Tango set a while ago, and have been really happy with them. I’m not sure I’ll upgrade to these new ones just yet though. They look good when zoomed in, but that’s the only benefit I see to them.


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    For anyone wanting a smiley upgrade, but don’t want these new ones, perhaps try the original plugin from Jeff Waugh along with a patch from Ronald Huereca to make the plugin work with the latest versions of WordPress.

    I wrote a post about this last year … http://geek.ryanhellyer.net/2013/09/30/better-wordpress-smilies/


  8. nonya

    Who really needs smileys anyway? What are we like 5 years old?


  9. Andy M.

    I like the existing smilies because they’re nostalgic. They remind me of the ol’ UBB days. +1 for the suggestion of adding a 2x version of these designs to core.

    Now, I *also* like the new smilies on WordPress.com. They’re HiDPI, clean, modern… all that fun stuff. So, seeing as they’re coming from WordPress.com, why not add them as a feature to Jetpack?

    After all, isn’t Jetpack intended to pull in the cool WordPress.com stuff for self-hosted users?


  10. Miroslav Glavic

    Ryan Hellyer’s link had interesting smilies…

    The stick your tongue out smiley: :P some people go :-P

    What if *I* as admin of my site can have the option to choose….for this smiley, I will have to type this (something).

    :tonge: :-P :P

    I NEVER LIKED :P , where is Mr. Smiley’s nose. :-P IS PROPER.

    Like I said for many years, smileys should NEVER EVER be part of core of WP, PHBB, la cucaracha dance or whatever else. It should be a plugin.


  11. Eugenio Petulla'

    I’ll love to see smiley in a JetPack moudule. The core is too important to care about smiley faces but JetPack needs something like this to “super charge your wordpress”! :)


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