1. Richard

    Hope it won’t affect innovation in the long run when two of such big systems are in the hands of the same investors


  2. DTI

    Wow, the same holding company will now control ~95% of the consumer/semi-pro server management software? What could possibly go wrong?


  3. Jason

    Yay! More consolidation leading to less competition in the online world! O.o


  4. DjSteveB

    The first good thing I thought was yay! – maybe they will come up with a few new cheaper plan options like plesk has done.

    There are several good server deals I want to take advantage of, a good box for $50 sounds nice, until I need to add $45 per month for cpanel. Meh.

    Then the article mentions the investors already own the competition – kind of scary, and what kind of power you may have to be able to affect most web sites around the world in a day. Scary power, I think we may need some kind of security and continuity council to oversee all this!

    Of course if they don’t bring the price down, it leaves it open for some smart people to coddle together something similar and offer it via the droplet kind of hosting companies for a 10th of the price.

    Perhaps a half dozen hosting companies would pitch in and get a worldwide crew to make something better than the dashboard currently out there, can’t be that hard.

    I still love to use cpanel, but only when it’s included on a vps or shared hosting service, I cringe at the cost on dedicated, and I have almost, but decided not to buy additional hosting at 2 different companies this year just because of the addon cost of cpanel.

    This week I am still considering the sale price at one of the prominent places, but instead leaning towards the 10 domain limited plesk to run it instead of cpanel.


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