1. Angus

    Its interesting. I like small headers and search bars always take up too much valuable space. I like his implementation. Well spotted. I like the minimalism of WP Tav as well.


  2. Mahee Ferlini

    Love how clean it is. Nice find!


  3. Faidzinn

    Very simple and catchy free wordpress theme, love it <3


  4. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    “…but something about it intrigued me enough to put it up on a test site.”
    Whatever intrigued you, I’m glad it did.

    Might help if the screen thumbnail gave us a better impression of the final look of the theme when customised.

    Hard to believe that a theme of this sophistication is free.


  5. Li-An

    The demo link seems to be dead ?


  6. physicianhealthyself

    Demo link is redirecting to a hosting company.


  7. Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Great themes from fellow Javanese, proud of it :)


  8. christopher

    love it, nice and clean


  9. Jeffrey

    I would like to try the demo, but my company’s network blocked it, saying it is a phishing site. Strange.


  10. Jeff Chandler

    Thanks for the reports on the broken live demo link, I’ve updated the link to point to the WordPress Theme Directory preview.


  11. nathanbweller

    I’m really diggin this trend towards WordPress themes for writers. I hope it continues to develop and mature into a distinct sub-genre separate from “themes for professional bloggers”.

    Where as this theme would be perfect for someone publishing thoughts, stories, etc. I probably wouldn’t want to use it for a blog aimed at generating revenue via the traditional blogging revenue streams (affiliate marketing, information products, etc.).

    Not that it couldn’t be done of course, it’s just doesn’t strike me as being as well suited for it as say a more “traditional looking” theme for bloggers (like this http://cohhe.com/project-view/everal/).

    But maybe that’s just me being stuck in my current mode of thinking…


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