New Years Resolutions Related To WordPress

Dave Clements has a couple of New Years Resolutions related to WordPress that I think other people could benefit from such as commenting code and using a functionality plugin instead of stuffing the Functions.php file full of code. My resolution isn’t so much with WordPress itself, but it’s to attend at least three WordCamps in cities I haven’t visited yet. Have any WordPress related resolutions you plan on following through with?


  1. Functionality plugin is a good idea and Dave’s site seems to be a trove of useful stuff.

    I like your WordCamp resolution, hopefully I’ll bump into you at one sometime over the next few years.


  2. Hey Jeffro,

    I was just looking over my Analytics and I noticed a little flurry of traffic coming from WP Tavern, so I thought I’d see why that might be. Appreciate the little mention here – means a lot. Hope you have a good New Year and succeed in your own New Year’s Resolution. I’ve still got to get to my first WordCamp. Waiting for one to come to Tampa, but I think I might be waiting a while… Might just have to bite the bullet and go somewhere new as well.


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