1. John Divramis

    Hi, is this plugins suitable to protect your website against copycats?


    • phatsquirrel

      Yes John exactly. Any page published on a WP site, like a news item for example, will be able to cryptographically prove (i.e. in a tamper proof way) exactly the time and date it was published.

      This can be used to prevent plagiarism of unique content and from fake news stories emerging through cyclical reporting where the exact first source is not able to be determined.

      It wont detect copycats or prevent them from copying it, but it should deter anyone from wanting to copy it as they will never be able to claim it as their own if you time and date stamp it, because they could not create a stamp of the same content or news that showed it was published any earlier than your version.

      If you are submitting a patent application or an entry for a medical journal you would want this.


    • Jerry Lucas

      Laws need to be updated to admit blockchain digital records as acceptable evidence. Vermont has already done this, 12 V.S.A. § 1913 Blockchain Enabling statute.

      Vermont and Wyoming are two leading states writing favorable blockchain laws dealing with blockchain business formation, online record keeping, privacy, and cryptocurrency regulation.

      Blockchain specialist law firms are appearing to provide legal advice.


  2. Green Jobs

    Not sure I understand the point of this plugin but hope they do well.


    • David Decker

      Me the same.
      Would be nice if the article would contain some background info and better description what this is, why this might be useful at all or where the use case in general is.


  3. Wendy

    Awesome isn’t it!
    And I’m a proud WordProof tester :-)
    And….. I giving the first WordProof workshop at our WordPress Meetup in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands) at the 4th of july.

    I love the amazing WordProof founders.


  4. Roger Davies


    Please note this plugin development was funded by the Telos Worker Proposal system where a percentage of the Telos Blockchain Inflation is saved to a special account to fund projects voted on by the Telos token holders.

    Telos is a blockchain built using the eosio software. It is the community governed version of its sister chain EOS which was launched without raising any external funding and was powered up mainly through community sweat equity.

    As EOS was first and Telos came after, like a breakaway renegade group, Telos does not get as much exposure as it could and it is a really great project that can have such a huge impact on the lives of many millions of people if we can continue to inform and educate. Posts like this for example which fail to mention Telos is actually funding the development of this product so please help us to get Telos more well known.

    If you have not heard of Telos the community governed blockchain yet then come and join the conversation in the Telos Community Telegram channel and start learning who everyone is and the projects the teams are working on, I think you will find it is very interesting and each team has at least one newsworthy project.

    There’s dragons, shoes for school children, cash in the community challenges, the blockchain church, robots, community owned block producers, Meetups, art schools for blind kids, free airdrops, and lots of tools and tech stuff too of course, but the Telos community are real people who care and are working tirelessly to produce a solid and sustainable platform to host fair and free market solutions for communities, commerce, education, finance, robotics, AI, IoT and so much more I will stop now so you’re not overloaded.

    Search Telegram for the Telos Community channel, and if you don’t know telegram start at the telosfoundation.io website


    • Roger Davies

      Sorry if my comments came across as a grumpy old man(I am one sometimes haha!)

      As I was involved in launching Telos I feel protective over it like it is one of my children!

      I really appreciate this exposure for Telos and that we can introduce it to a whole new community like WordPress. I mean no disrespect, please forgive me if my comment above gives the impression I am not appreciative. Please keep up the great work Sebastiaan and WP Tavern and everyone involved in this project, you are all amazing for producing this tool and using EOS & Telos, thank you.


  5. Geraldo

    Does verification of timestamp also work with Cache-Plugins which remove whitespace etc. in content?


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