1. Matt Mullenweg

    This is amazing.


  2. Rod Olman

    Will this be included in the next version of WordPress?


  3. Ray Peacock

    I still don’t get wapuu and this plugin either; a health plugin sounds better, but if one uses their site regularly and has auto update plus wordfence, what’s to worry.


  4. Plugin Vulnerabilities

    Trying to detect and mention if updates are security-related sounds like a good idea, but when it comes to plugins it is not. What we have seen over years of keeping track of vulnerabilities in plugins is that you won’t always know if an update fixes a security issue. Take the changelog for an update to the very popular File Manger from yesterday, which reads “Syntax checker feature removed for now”. Would anyone looking at that guess it is a reference to an exploitable vulnerability being fixed in the plugin, probably not. So you really need to keep all of your plugins up to date at all times instead of trying to prioritizing updating ones with security updates, incompletely mentioning that updates include security updates is likely to lead people thinking they can do otherwise.

    It is important to note also that there are currently plugins with over 4+ millions installs that are known to be vulnerable, but haven’t been updated and still currently available to download through WordPress, so updating plugins won’t address a lot known security vulnerabilities in plugins.


  5. Jan Dembowski


    Oh, that is too cute to not have.

    *Installs and Network Activates*

    Huh. I may want to start a support topic. 😈 It works but only displays on the Network dashboard. Which I expected but it would be cool if it followed me to my sites too.


  6. Rebecca Inkrote

    BRB Adding Wapuu to my dashboard rn


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