New Roots Radio Podcast Discusses WordPress and Modern Web Development Topics


Ben Word and the team behind Roots are launching a new WordPress-related podcast called Roots Radio. Earlier this year, Word rebranded the Roots starter theme as “Sage” under the Roots organization as part of a long-term plan to make it framework-agnostic. Opening up the starter theme to be available for use with a variety of frontend frameworks means that the Roots community is utilizing a wide range of technologies for development.

The new podcast was created to discuss WordPress and Roots development and will also explore general modern web development topics. The inaugural episode introduces Roots team members, many of whom use WordPress and others who are more active outside of WordPress development. They also discuss their individual WordPress workflows, dependency management, and project structure.

Ben Word and Scott Walkinshaw recently appeared on The Changelog podcast, a weekly show that covers the intersection of software development and open source, to discuss “Modern WordPress using Bedrock and Sage.”

“After Scott and I appeared on the Changelog podcast, the guys on the team wanted to get something going,” Word said. Even though the WordPress community already has many regular podcasts devoted to news, business, and development, Word believes that the Roots team has something unique to offer with their experience and dedication to using modern web development tools.

He shared a sneak preview of some of the topics the team plans to cover in future episodes of Roots Radio:

  • Deployments
  • Theme wrapper and DRY
  • Security
  • Composer
  • Forking WordPress
  • Open Source Support/Maintenance/Burnout
  • Keeping Roots projects up-to-date
  • Framework agnostic workflow
  • Theming tips and tricks
  • How to contribute to Roots / open source
  • Stepping outside of WordPress land
  • Unit tests

Word confirmed that Roots Radio will have guests on upcoming episodes. If these topics have piqued your interest, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS. New episodes will be released every couple of weeks.


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