1. Martin

    Will give the beta a go! A lot of people have been wanting a plugin like this for a long time.


  2. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for the post, Jeff. So far, the beta hasn’t broken anyone’s test install, so things are looking up. I’ll give the beta a few more days and keep cleaning up code. If nothing goes seriously wrong in that time, I’ll release version 0.1 of the plugin.

    Heck, I’m ready to get started building some of the 0.2 features, which will focus a lot more on the user management aspects rather than roles. But, I’ll save those details for another day.


  3. Steven

    I’m searching for a plug-in that will allow me to grant my blog authors the ability to manage user roles. But I need to restrict their ability to grant Admin role to anyone. Basically, I don’t want them to be able to grant role permissions above their current role.

    I’ve tried “role manager” but when I allow my author the ability to “edit users”, the author can then change the role of the Admin as well. That’s not acceptable.

    Please reply if you have a solution for user role management only below their current role.


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