1. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for covering the plugin update, Sarah. I need to hire you to start writing my plugin release announcements on my blog. :)

    On the capability registration feature, I do want to note that other plugins aren’t required to register caps, just in case that wasn’t clear. Members has and will almost always pick them up automatically. The registration aspect is just nice for end users who might need a translatable label/title for the cap. I plan to write more about this more in depth soon.


  2. Jeffr0

    Cool to see Justin continuing to work on this plugin. I remember how much praise he received from the community when he released it in 2009. Also, from the add-ons screenshot above, I like the fact that they look like plugin cards just like normal plugins. Blends right in.


  3. Lee Anthony

    Tadlock has aimed to make it behave as if it were a natural part of WordPress.

    Justin does this really well. It’s like you’re not even using a plugin. Always clean and minimal in both code and user interface. His values of simplicity are something to be admired


  4. Matt

    Great news. One of my favourite plugins, one I’d be happy to pay for. Glad to pay for add-ons


  5. Alec

    Justin, thanks for keeping the original developers helping other developers spirit of WordPress alive. Great that you are improving and extending the Members plugin ecosystem. We’re currently mainly using WordPress membership software which has tripled its renewal prices (we have a lifetime license) and removed third party extensions from its store (both very developer unfriendly and kind of seedy moves). We would love to be part of a more community driven project. We’ll take a close look at Members.

    News about community friendly and developer friendly open source plugins are very important to the non-marketer driven WordPress ecosphere. Good to see news of this kind in WP Tavern.


  6. Collins Agbonghama

    Great to see the “Members” plugin actively being developed after years of release. Can’t count the number of times we’ve used this plugin on clients project to avoid dealing with the underlying complexity of WordPress roles and capacities.

    Thank you Justin for all the hard work.


  7. WP Tutoring

    This is an exeptional plugin, works well, provides advanced user config, I think it would be a good contender for other membership plugins that offer addons.


  8. Stiofan

    I love this plugin and the idea. I have created a Paid membership addon for it that links to the user roles screen, i also added a “Single Post Access” function that can let you sell access to a single restricted post/page. It’s about 90% there and should be ready for beta next week :)

    P.S. The members plugin is coded extremely well and is a pleasure to work with.


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