1. Chriss Benitez

    Great, I have experienced themes with lots of menus added to the standards built-in and it´s a mess. I will do use it.


  2. Carl Hancock

    You can drag-n-drop the metaboxes. Why not the menu? I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before as it meets such an obvious need. This should be a core feature.


  3. Frankie Jarrett

    This is such a good idea it makes me a little jealous for not thinking of it first :-)


  4. BobWP

    Will have to check this one out for sure. I am a bit torn on it….

    On one hand, great to organize your dashboard to better suit your own needs and workflow

    On the other hand, if someone takes it upon themselves to rearrange the menus, hands it over to a newbie without letting them know, and then they go to some tutorial that shows them some totally different, well, another layer of confusion. Especially if one is removed.

    Carefully used, it will be a very good plugin.


  5. Eric Johnson (@wormeyman)

    Looking forward to the features of version 2.0.


  6. landyvlad

    I installed and activated it, but can’t seem to drag and drop anything…..


    • neverything

      That seems strange, do you have any plugins installed that might already alter the admin menu? Could you please open an issue on either Github or WordPress.org in the forums?


  7. Marko
  8. Ron Seigel


    Hardly an option. Hasn’t been updated in over a year.

    Requires: 3.8 or higher
    Compatible up to: 3.8.7
    Last Updated: 2014-3-30
    Active Installs: 500+


  9. Pascal Birchler

    @Marko @Ron This plugin was an inspiration for mine, but it really only does reordering, nothing more. You can’t move items to sub level or vice-versa. You can’t add custom items nor remove them.

    Plugins like Admin Menu Editor do have such features, but not such a nice UI.


  10. Craig

    Great idea for a plugin, anything that will make life easier for the end user – like ordering the menu items more logically – can only be a good thing. Will road test it later.


  11. C.A

    I *wanted* to love this, but after installing it, I’ve tried NUMEROUS times to re-order things, but they simply won’t stay in place after saving. And now, the last two times I’ve tried to reorder again, the “save” link extends past the bottom of the browser window, and I can’t scroll any farther down to click on it. Seems a bit buggy. Will keep it installed in case it’s updated. Thanks! :)


    • Pascal Birchler

      I was made aware of a bug with reordering sub level items on the support forums and added a fix to the development version.
      WordPress automatically sticks the admin menu under some circumstances, which annoys me as well. I think I can fix that too :-)

      Give me another week or two to finish version 2.0!


  12. Sacha

    Very handy if you have a theme or plugin that adds a lot of menus that you probably don’t need at the top!


  13. Duke

    I love this plugin, unfortunately it breaks other plugins’ nested menu items..



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