1. mark k.

    This is a very nice idea, but there is a false assumption that plugins have a settings page, and that if they have, that is the only settings the plugin has.

    people that rely on such a method for discovering the relevant settings will have hard time with plugins that introduce widgets, shortcodes, user settings, or enhancements to wordpress settings. In the end, there is no real replacement for reading the documentation.


  2. David Gwyer

    Adding a plugin settings link is on of the first things I do when developing a new plugin.

    It really isn’t that hard and saves a lot of confusion when looking for the settings page for a plugin you’re not familiar with.


  3. Russell Aaron

    So this plugin is actually detecting if a menu item, or a sub-menu item, is being added by a plugin. If there is, it’s pointing it out. Yes, there may be several settings pages, such as EDD and WOO add.

    However, the settings should all be nested in a menu item or added to a sub-menu item. This plugin is really saying, Here’s a great place to start looking for settings / options, after activating a plugin.


  4. wzy

    Why doesn’t WP core designate an area/section of the admin menu where all plugins have to display their settings menu. I’ve been thinking about the annoyance of hunting down where a plugin has hidden its setting page link/menu.


  5. Bill Forsyth

    Awesome! Definitely going to use this plugin. I can’t tell you how many plugins I’ve abandoned because I couldn’t figure out where it put its elements. Some of them could have been the next great plugin, but if I can’t figure out where they put the settings/interactions, I can’t use it.


  6. wpislife

    Nice plugin, but I think it would be much better if this feature be included as default in the future update of wordpress


  7. Toils

    This is a nice little plugin that can be helpful for some of us. But what if a WordPress beginner has multiple of these kind of ‘help-plugins’? Will the site performance be negatively affected? And if it will, will it just affect the back-end, or also the front-end?


  8. Mwiinga

    Very nice plugin but, when you activate plugins that do not have settings page, this points you in the wrong direction.

    I’ve just been directed to ‘Customize => Background,’ when actually the plugin I’ve activated is an ‘Activate & Enjoy’ kinda plugin..


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