1. imath

    wow! Some users might just want to leave the community, i hope if they go to their settings page they can remove their account :)


  2. Miroslav Glavić

    There are legitimate reasons why an user won’t have their photo on their interwebz profile.


  3. John Teague

    Second Sarah on this. A user doesn’t have to upload an identifying image. Just something unique. Not much to ask for to keep views from getting stale. On the other hand an alternative is to have one of maybe 20 avatars available to choose from just in case you don’t want to put a user off who may not have time to create one right away.


  4. buzztwitter

    I personally think it’s an awesome plug in and one which I never knew existed till I came across this page. Site look terrible with no images loaded so a big thank you Sarah for a wicked post and and a wicked plugin… respect


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