New Plugin Forces BuddyPress Users to Upload a Profile Photo


When a social network is filled with mystery man avatars, it can give the impression that the site is a ghost town, overrun with spam users. Sometimes members are too lazy to upload a profile photo, no matter how many friendly prompts you try to offer.

Missing profile images makes for ugly directory pages and less colorful BuddyPress widgets. It makes it seem like users aren’t invested enough in your site to bother with having an avatar. A widespread lack of avatars has a subtle damaging effect on both members and non-members’ perceptions of your community.

That’s why Brajesh Singh, owner of BuddyDev, created the BuddyPress Force Profile Photo plugin. It requires logged-in users to upload a profile image as the bare minimum requirement to visit any page on your site.


If a user hasn’t uploaded a profile photo, he will be redirected to the upload screen upon logging in. Trying to visit any other page will result in being redirected back to the profile photo upload page at:


If the user then deletes his profile photo and doesn’t add a new one, the plugin will detect that there is no photo and will restrict access to the site again.

Forcing users to add a profile photo is a drastic measure, but for some communities it might be the only thing that works. Install the free BuddyPress Force Profile Photo and you’ll never have to see mystery man avatars on your site again.

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  1. wow! Some users might just want to leave the community, i hope if they go to their settings page they can remove their account :)


    1. It’s not for every community. Also, nobody forces you to upload an image of yourself. You can upload anything for your avatar.


  2. Second Sarah on this. A user doesn’t have to upload an identifying image. Just something unique. Not much to ask for to keep views from getting stale. On the other hand an alternative is to have one of maybe 20 avatars available to choose from just in case you don’t want to put a user off who may not have time to create one right away.


      1. Bowe, actually it’s not. Plugin you’ve posted as a bad marketing is doing suggestions for pre-defined list of photos from admin, and plugin we are discussing here is about FORCING USER TO UPLOAD ANY PROFILE PHOTO.


      2. Learn how to ready Buddy.. that’s exactly what John was talking about.. I was replying to him, not commenting on the article. Also recommending a plugin from another developer hardly counts as “marketing”.


  3. I personally think it’s an awesome plug in and one which I never knew existed till I came across this page. Site look terrible with no images loaded so a big thank you Sarah for a wicked post and and a wicked plugin… respect


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