New Plugin Adds Cloudup oEmbed Support to WordPress

cloudupYou may have seen Cloudup links floating around here and there on Twitter. Though still in private beta, Cloudup now has expanded resources since being acquired by Automattic. In case you haven’t tried it yet, Cloudup allows you to easily share images, links, videos, code, documents and more.

When you use any file sharing service regularly, it’s handy to be able to pull that information into your website. Hanni Ross has created a plugin that adds Cloudup oEmbed capabilities to WordPress. WordPress currently supports more than 20 sites/services that you can embed from. The Cloudup oEmbed plugin works in the same way, allowing you to paste in a Cloudup link on its own line to embed files.

Check out this pic:
Save the day
Yep, pretty neato.

Automattic is currently working on integrating the WordPress media library and Cloudup via Jetpack, but in the meantime this plugin is a nice addition for Cloudup users. According to the Cloudup development blog, this feature will actually be built into the next version of Jetpack, so when 2.7 is released you won’t have to install the separate plugin. I tested Hanni’s plugin this weekend and it works exactly as expected. If you’re one of the lucky Cloudup beta users, add the Cloudup oEmbed plugin to your WordPress site for easy sharing. Don’t have an account yet? Use this invite link to sign up for Cloudup today.


2 responses to “New Plugin Adds Cloudup oEmbed Support to WordPress”

  1. Signed up for a beta account and it is very easy to use. If embedding is going to be part of Jetpack 2.7 then will wait for that to use that functionality rather than this plugin – any ideas when the release is scheduled for ?


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