Jetpack 2.7 Introduces Google+ Publicize Support and Adds Cloudup oEmbed

Jetpack LogoJetpack 2.7 was released today, featuring Google+ support for Publicize, which enables you to shoot posts straight to G+ after you publish them.

However, the Jetpack team has packed more into this release than they let on in the announcement. Here’s a quick overview of the major enhancements and bug fixes included in 2.7.

Cloudup oEmbed Support

cloudupLast week we featured the new Cloudup oEmbed plugin that allows you to simply paste a Cloudup URL on its own line to insert content.

It’s convenient to have this packed into Jetpack because Cloudup usage is likely to explode after it’s out of beta. If you previously installed the plugin for Cloudup oEmbed, you can now delete it if you’re running Jetpack. If you haven’t yet tried the Cloudup file sharing service, you can use this link to sign up as a beta user.

G+ Publicize for Profiles and Pages

Publicize Settings

Publicize Settings

Publicize now allows you to link up a G+ profile or page account. Once you update Jetpack to 2.7, go to the post editor to view your current Publicize linked accounts. Click on the ‘Settings’ link to authenticate for the G+ profile/page you want to use.

In order to test out the new G+ Publicize feature we linked it up to our brand new WP Tavern page where you can follow us for all the latest WordPress news. During this process, we discovered that posts automatically share privately from the WordPress app created, unless you change the app’s privacy setting to public. Your G+ page settings should have a menu item where you can edit the privacy of posts shared.

If you publish a high volume of content, then you know it’s a pain to manually share your posts on every social network. Jetpack’s new G+ Publicize Support allows you to mark one thing off your daily list.

Enhancements and Improvements for Upcoming WordPress 3.8 Release

Jetpack 2.7 includes some enhancements and fixes that will get your site ready for WordPress 3.8 and the new default theme. This release adds infinite scroll support for Twenty Fourteen. It also has some fixes for Jetpack’s Featured Content module:

  • Moved Settings to Customizer, provided option to set default tag as fallback, specified all supported post-types rather than just additional ones
  • Added compatibility with ‘additional_post_types’ theme support argument and comment updates

For a comprehensive list of everything that’s new and update, check out the Jetpack changelog.


4 responses to “Jetpack 2.7 Introduces Google+ Publicize Support and Adds Cloudup oEmbed”

  1. Illya King says:

    Yay for the Google+ Publicize.


  2. aalex57 says:

    Good news for Google + !!


  3. Gowtham Raj says:

    Publicize is not working. When I am trying to post the article the it is automatically saving as a draft and Publicize is not working for facebook


  4. Kenn says:

    Is this same as Google Authorship?



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