1. Joe

    Nice work, Richard! I remember talking about this at dinner the night before Post Status Publish. Glad to see it’s become a reality :)


  2. Anthony Hortin

    This looks really cool. I remember seeing David’s setup wizard a few months ago and was pretty impressed. This goes one step further, which is even better. Great stuff Rich!


  3. Steven Gliebe

    This looks slick. I want to start marketing my themes/plugins as a website solution rather than bits and pieces for somewhat technical users. An onboarding experience like this presented to people totally new to WordPress could really help with conversion.

    I wonder how it compares to One Click Demo Import plugin which does a similar thing by importing .xml, .wie, etc. https://wordpress.org/plugins/one-click-demo-import/

    My only concern with WP Merlin would be including it directly in a theme and how slow theme authors might be to update it if ever there were a security issue. I’d prefer to have a theme show a notice on activation with link to install and run the plugin via WordPress.org.


  4. Tai

    What the heck is a “Merlin WP Commercial License”? LOL


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