1. Drew Jaynes

    That it is very slick! And I think a great demonstration of Gutenberg’s capability in a simple yet elegant form.


  2. Kenjie

    Im using it.


  3. Ahmad Awais

    Rich makes some of the best Gutenberg stuff.


  4. Anh Tran

    This is a very powerful gallery block! The styles and options are great! I really like it.


  5. Knut Sparhell

    Very nice.
    This shows how superior the new editor is when it comes to immediately visualize changing of appearance settings.


  6. Stephen Vaughan

    Very nice implementation and very versatile. One little quibble. When you install it you see a message ip WP admin:

    “Block Gallery requires the Gutenberg block editor. Please deactivate Classic Editor to continue.”

    Not sure why that is required as it will work anyway when you are editing in the block editor.

    Is someone trying to rub salt in the wounds?


  7. Jordy Meow

    Hi Sarah, did you have the chance to try and compare this plugin to the Meow Gallery? The Meow Gallery does also this (real-time preview, similar layouts, etc…) but also work with the classic editor and the shortcode.

    We actually thought it was better to use a shortcode (created automatically by our Gutenberg block, so invisible to the user) so that the gallery output stays up to date, even if there is an update or a change in the system. With a Gutenberg “statically” generated gallery, you might have, one day, to go through all the pages where you used the block in order to refresh it.

    I put a lot of thoughts into this for the past few months so I would be really interested in having yours as well.


  8. Haydrion Rayel

    I had installed that plugin, but the lightbox is not correct


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