Need Post Format Support Added To WPTavern

Is anyone out there interested in adding Post Format support to the WPTavern theme including the necessary styles to go with them? I’m willing to pay $20.00 to have this done as I’m currently working on some other things and don’t have time to add the support let alone the stylesheet additions. If you’re interested in playing around with the Tavern theme, it’s called Tavern News and can be downloaded from here. Note that it’s a child theme for the Hybrid Theme Framework by Justin Tadlock so you’ll need to have that installed in order for Tavern News to work.


5 responses to “Need Post Format Support Added To WPTavern”

  1. Chip and Otto are on the ball. I’m working with them to try and get some post formats onto I initially offered to pay because that’s just who I am. Grateful though that these guys are offering to add the support for free.


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